Monday, October 8, 2012

fall's here. hi again, dries fur lapel. i missed you ever so much.

also, i'd like to introduce you to my margiela duffle bag. we've been through a lot together since this spring. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

i've entered my experimental lesbian phase

after seeing the eleven objects fall 2012 show, i immediately (obviously) put in a personal order for a latex collar with gold leaf detail, as it combines my love for sex shops with my love for GLAMOUR. they were kind enough to fill my order toot de suite, and i have to say it's even more amazing than i could have ever hoped for. it was so amazing, i attempted to poorly reenact a sensual Roxy Music album cover.

i loved it so much WITHOUT clothes, that i decided that it could only get better WITH clothes. i had recently found this vintage t-shirt with a Gran Fury image from this Creative Time AIDS activism campaign from the late 80s. Gran Fury was an art collective who also did all those amazing ACT UP images. i've been exploring a gay 80's queer rights look for a while and these high waisted jeans totally made sense with this t-shirt. and then i figured, why not gild the lily with my new collar?

vintage Gran Fury t-shirt, Ksubi jeans, Eleven Objects collar

it's kind of my favorite outfit in months. militant lesbianism for summer 2012. YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST (last).

Monday, March 26, 2012

opulent fetishism

there is a phrase i like to use when referring to something that is So Rich, So Decadent, So Opulent, So Sickening, that it reaches an apex of greatness. that phrase is "Vienetta Status." derived from the original supermarket ice cream dessert that exploited middle class aspirationalism, i use it to mean when a lily is so gilded that it goes BEYOND EVERYTHING such that everyone is necessitated to raise their crystal serving dishes up for seconds.

and so it is with Eleven Objects' Fall 2012 collection. this season the ladies have added ready-to-wear to their already cramazing collection of collars and sleeves, and the inspiration for the pieces is everything i can get on board with. juxtaposing gold-leaf, brocades, and fur with fetish touches like patent leather and latex, it's the kind of mix that i aspire to every day. that look that says, i'm a busy career woman on the go in the boardroom but i'm a freak in the bedroom. you know, JUST LIKE ME.

anyways, i've had these photos from their presentation that Laia styled that have been dying to see the light of day:  


the pearl harness KILLS me, and the gold-leafed latex peplum makes me want to add visual interest to my child-bearing hips. 

i went to the studio last Friday to put in a personal order for a collar (STAY TUNED TO SEE WHICH ONE) and finally got to try on a pearl harness and i'm kind of thinking it's totally necessary?

correct or incorrect? it is kind of like my own personal version of isabella rosselini's costume from "Death Becomes Her", no?

anyways, if you haven't already gotten WAY INTO IT, GET WAY INTO IT. one slice is never enough.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

a sweater of beauty is a joy forever

i am the first to admit that i make REALLY dumb purchases. like REALLY dumb. i am very very easily swayed by shiny and new things, and attractive salespeople complimenting me on the dashing figure i supposedly cut in an oversized faux-Cristobol Balenciaga neon pink cropped bubble coat-cum-bolero.

so anyways, this is all just prelude to the story of my latest impulse purchase driven by stupidity. a couple months ago, Sarah Miller at The Awl had written about this Marc Jacobs cashmere thermal that Winona Ryder had stolen from Saks on her crime spree. describing her introduction to the sweater, Miller writes:
[W]e were in the men’s department at Barneys and he paused at a display and held up what appeared to be a soft brown shirt. “Behold this masterpiece,” he said somberly. 
I gathered the thing in my hands and held it like a baby. It was so soft. It was silky. It was a sweater, not a shirt, but you could wear it like a shirt. It could be slipped on with nonchalant elegance, and was so beautiful it made you think marrying someone fat and stupid and rich would be ok, if you could just wear one of these all the time. Each delicate square of waffling was its own tiny island of sumptuous luxury. It cost a fortune—over $500. “This is a forever sweater,” I said. A clerk at Charivari—the now-defunct boutique where, coincidentally, a young Marc Jacobs worked—had once referred to a sweater I purchased there as 'a forever sweater,' and we found this phrase ridiculous, but not without meaning. I so wanted this object. “Why is it so perfect?” I moaned.
We stepped out onto Madison Avenue, dizzy with desire, overcome by that experience unique to extreme youth where the humiliation of being underpaid and the belief that greatness and luxury goods are just around the corner merge into one sensation of sweet yearning. We made a pact: The first one of us to get rich would buy the other one a Marc Jacobs Thermal T-shirt. 
i read it with rapt interest, because, (1) hey, i am rich, and (2) that looks like a nice sweater. however, the post indicated that these sweaters no longer really got made and that made me sad in the way that any spoiled child gets sad when their desires get piqued and someone tells him he can't have what he desires. i thought about getting on the line with my Amex concierge, but i hadn't actually even SEEN the sweater and that seemed a bridge too far even for me.

ANYWAYS, here we are, a few months after reading that post and i'm on Gilt and see that a Marc Jacobs thermal is on sale in my size. it was serendipitous insofar as one believes that fate and universal karma conspire to let dudes with too much clothes and money spend more money to buy more clothes. BUT, it was actually a pretty good deal (though it didn't end up being cashmere).

+J shirt / Dries van Noten Tie / Uniqlo Pants / Marc Jacobs Thermal

it's super sheer and super soft and really long and clingy, but i'm into it. i especially like it when i can use it to look like a luxe business casual hobo, as above. i also especially like to think that i own something that Winona Ryder tried to steal "just so that she could FEEL something, ANYTHING, for once in her goddamn life!"

so i guess the moral of the story is that people with a little bit of money can get whatever they want eventually. THE END.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


just thought i'd let the two remaining readers of my blog know: i look handsome as fuck today.

uniqlo shirt, belt, pants / nom de guerre sweater / thrift tie / jil sander shoes

and don't ever forget that.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

now and forever

never forget how a vintage OPP metal plated hat can change a standard business casual outfit.

+J Uniqlo jacket / +J shirt / Dries tie/ uniqlo pants / Dior shoes / dollar store hat

Monday, December 19, 2011


i have been DYING for the single fur lapels from Dries van Noten Fall 2011 since i first saw them. so much so that someone from Boogerdorf Goodman was TASKED with calling me as soon as the button-in DETACHABLE fur lapel featured in their catalog came in, but NEVER DID (that's ok, i FORGIVE you with all my heart). so it was MUCH to my delight that i was in bergdorf a couple weeks ago and saw one lonely button-in fur lapel (and on sale!), just when i decided to blow a bunch of money on useless things that i thought might build me up in the esteem of others (spoiler alert: it won't!).

so it was that i obtained this very important (not important at all) objet. i then went to work sewing buttons into all my coats, first and foremost my Balenciaga overcoat.
balenciaga coat / dries button-in fur lapel / rag & bone turtleneck / marc jacobs mittens / nikes

with the neon nikes, i look like such 90s german-by-way-of-russia eurotrash, i can't even take it. i just want to rub my euro uncut weiner all over my lapel like all of the time now!